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Sites & forums

- http://www.3dvf.com : Actualité et forums de discussion autour de la 3D
-http://mayalounge.com : Tous les utilisateurs francophones de Maya se retrouvent ici.
-http://www.cgfeedback.com/ : A great forum !
-http://forums.cgsociety.org: CG talk.
-http://www.cgchannel.com: You'll find a lot of information here and some good reviews.
2D & 3D artists
http://www.jbmonge.com/ : Jean Baptiste Monge.
http://www.e338.com/ : Loïc Zimmerman
http://maia3d.blogspot.com/ : Diego Maia
http://www.kolbyjukes.com/ : Kolby jukes
http://artfolio-gio.blogspot.com/ : Giovanni Nakpil
-http://www.selwy.com: An artist with very good skills in anatomy and an exellent sculptor.
-http://www.justinsweet.com : One of my prefered artist. Awesome characters & moods.
-http://www.absculpture.com/galleryo.htm : Real sculptures here and they are all great and stylised.
-http://gurneyjourney.blogspot.com: The illustrator of Dinotopia's books.
- http://www.maddamart.com: Some incredible 3D characters here.
-http://www.vincentdutrait.com/blog : Un illustrateur traditionnel de talent.
-http://www.buta-connection.net Ici se cachent les oeuvres d'un des plus talentueux dessinateurs de Ghibli.
-http://www.regisloisel.com : Le site de LOISEL
-http://www.frankpe.com/base.htm : Le site de Franck (dessinateur de Zoo). Ses dessins d'animaux sont superbes
-http://www.djx.com.au/blog/index.php : Great blog on Mental ray for advanced users.
-http://www.mymentalray.com : Usefull website on Mental ray.
-http://3dlight.blogspot.com : Great blog on Mental ray again :)


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